Pinax never solicits money from candidates for attending interviews or providing job offers. Genuine Pinax job openings are posted on the Pinax website (Careers > Job) and any job application received by Pinax will be reviewed and taken forward purely based on merit and the requirement within the company and never on monetary basis.

Candidates are hereby cautioned to avoid interacting with an individual/entity that demands money on the pretext of offering an interview or employment in Pinax. Pinax is in no way associated with such communications and cannot be held liable for the action of the perpetrator or the candidate.

Any person dealing with such individual/entities do so at their own risk and Pinax shall not be responsible for any loss arising therefrom. The public in general is also advised not to be misled by any communication that demands money for an interview scheduled or employment promise with Pinax.

Assistant manager

Assistant manager job description is here.